News Headlines Today Live – What Becomes World’s Headline Today

News Headlines Today Live – What Becomes World’s Headline Today

What becomes the news headlines today live? What happens to people on the other side of the world? Either it is politic, lifestyle, health, or entertainment, you can always find what become headlines on the planet every day. Get to know the big things that happen in the world today on the following page. Check them out!

#1. “ISIS Leader Dies Like a Coward,” Says Trump

The US president, Donald Trump, recently shocks the world with his statement that says the leader of ISI has died like a coward in the raid conducted by US troops in Syria. The White House reports that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is the leader of ISIS, died on Sunday following the raid under US commandos. The died the Baghdadi is considered to the end of a manhunt that has been done for years to catch the world’s most wanted terrorists. It is also reported that Trump watches the operation done to kill Baghdadi from the Situation Room in the White House. He is accompanied by US top officials such as Robert O’Brien, Mike Pince, and Mark Esper. 

#2. Kincade Fire: More Than 180,000 People in Northern California Are Under Evacuation Order

The wildfires that occurred in Northern California on Sunday afternoon continue to spread and have burnt acres of land in the region. This situation places more than 180,000 people live in Sonoma City under the evacuation order. The local government admits that it is the largest evacuation order they have done. At 6.30 PM on Sunday, the Kincade Fire is reported to grow bigger and the winds even almost reach hurricane force level 1. There are more than 54,000 acres of land burnt just within hours. However, the local government further states that the containment had now gone down up 5%. Three firefighters are reported to get injured when they are trying to extinguish the wildfires.

#3. Joe Biden Defends Son Over His Serve on Ukrainian Gas Company

Joe Biden said in a rare interview with CBC Evening News that his son did no wrong when serving on a Ukrainian gas company. Biden told the anchor, Norah O’Donnell, that he did his job as the former vice president of Barack Obama without any concern about his son’s job in the gas company. He further stated that as a father, he didn’t have an obligation to tell his grown son what could do. His son could whatever he wanted as long as he’s doing is appropriate. The job choice of Biden’s son, Hunter, has led controversy during his period as a vice president.