Exceptional Deals with the Cleaning Process

If once the idea of ​​having a wife or a housekeeper was associated with a certain bourgeois lifestyle, it is no longer the case today. From weekly service to spring cleaning, to applications that can command a squad in just a few clicks on your phone, hiring a housekeeping team has become commonplace. But how to choose it?Whether you want to receive timely help or tidy up your home from time to time, follow our tips for finding the rare pearl.

Assess your needs

The amount of time needed for the household will depend on the size of your home, the number of people, the presence of pets and your lifestyle. Thus, a minimalist interior where a pet-free person lives will take less time to clean than a busy single-family home or condo shared by a few roommates. Depending on your situation, you will be able to determine if a weekly or fortnightly household is needed. For the best in part time maid this is very important.

Make room in your budget

Estimate how much money you can give to the household and plan that amount in your budget. An individual often asks for a lower rate than a company, but a team of two will work faster, which may be cheaper in the end.

Ask for a quote

Shop! Large companies often have online forms that provide an estimate. The best way, however, is to meet the candidates in person at your place. This will allow them to visit the premises and produce a quote based on the facts. You will also be able to discuss the peculiarities of your home, such as the operation of the alarm system or a capricious bathroom door.

Set rules

Have a good discussion about the rules of the house with the person you will be hiring. For example, tell her where to store her belongings, tell her if she can put her lunch in the fridge or drink a drink, or if any parts of the house are out of bounds. Decide also the best way of communication in case of cancellation or postponement of a cleaning session.

Validate the cleaning products

Does the person you want to hire bring their own cleaning products? If so, do these products match your needs and values, ecology or lifestyle? Are you allergic to certain products? Have this discussion before signing the hiring contract.

Discuss extras

See what services are offered by the person you want to hire. Usually, basic services and à la carte services are offered. It can be the washing of the windows, the cleaning of the fridge, or even the organization of your wardrobe.

Talk about payments and cancellation

Usually, it is possible to postpone a visit, but cancellations are less appreciated. Talk to the person you want to hire and also see if the payment will be made at each visit or for a specified period, such as a month or a quarter.

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