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Top 5 What To Visit In Prague That Will Excite Your Vacation

If you tour around Europe, you should not miss visiting Prague. This is because the city is very historic and has the feel of a romantic and pleasant old city. You do not need to be clueless about what to visit in Prague because there are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions here.

Prague is one of the beautiful cities in Europe because it has a lot of interesting old buildings. Furthermore, the atmosphere of this city is very romantic and pleasant so you will feel at home visiting this city. If you are still wondering what to visit in Prague, let’s check the list below:

1.     Astronomical Clock

This clock located in Old Town Square has many versions of stories about its origin. One of them is that a watchmaker named Master Hanus made this watch. After the clock was finished, the Prague city council deliberately blinded him.

The aim was that Hanus could no longer make the same hours for other cities in Europe. Therefore, the watch he made in 1410 was only in Prague. Apart from the truth of the legend, this clock is indeed very beautiful.

2.     Charles Bridge

The bridge over the Vltava River connects the Old Town Prague area with Prague Castle. The most popular bridge in Prague began to be built in 1357 under the reign of King Charles IV. In addition, it was completed in the early 15th century.

This bridge has a length of 516 meters. You will find many souvenir sellers, face painters, to street musicians. This is one of the tourist attractions that will add to the excitement of your trip to Prague.

3.     Prague Castle

The castle, which was built since the 9th century, is not merely a tourist center. The office of the President of the Czech Republic uses one of the parts of the castle. Therefore, State Rooms are only open to the public at certain times.

However, you won’t run out of places to visit because there are many other castle areas that are also interesting. The price of admission here varies, depending on age and which part of the castle entered. The price range is between CZK 70 – CZK 350.

4.     Wenceslas Square

This place is one of the old public spaces in Prague. At the top end of this square, you will find the National Museum. This vintage building will enhance your photos when you walk here.

Try to come at night, if you are lucky, you will find street musicians who entertain your night. Moreover, you can invite your partner when you are here because the atmosphere is very romantic.

5.     Havel’s Market

If you go here you will be incomplete without a shopping tour. You can visit one of the oldest markets in Prague. This market sells fruit, vegetables, flowers, toys, handicrafts, to souvenirs.

So, if you want to bring souvenirs for your friends or family, this place is perfect for you. If you walk from Wenceslas Square towards Old Town Square, you will pass this market.

Here are the lists of what to visit in Prague. Many other interesting places for you to visit while you are here. Each of these tourist destinations will surely provide a unique and interesting experience for your vacation.