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Types of Dress Code for Attending A Wedding

Coming to friends or relatives wedding can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Exciting for their big day for them tying the knot. At the same time, confusing because they have a certain dress code for the wedding. These days, many weddings have determined the dress code for their guests. Usually, a dress code for attending a wedding is white, casual or other certain colors. At least with this rule, people can smaller their options of cloths.

Even though dress codes are already determined, some people still get confused about what to wear. Well, first try to understand the meaning of the dress code. If you don’t get it, it is best to ask the host. Dress code for attending a wedding is usually simple because this will help the host to pop out. Here are some examples of dress that you can wear if there is any dress code.

1. Casual Style

The most often dress code people have at their wedding is a casual style. This is simple and almost everyone has casual clothes. But because this is a wedding, level up your casual style a bit to make it more proper for a wedding. For ladies, you can wear a short summer dress with flat shoes. If the summer dress is plain, add some accessories to it. On the other hand, if it is a floral dress you won’t need many accessories. As for men, a polo shirt or a dress pant will be enough.

 2. Semi-Formal Dress

For those who are invited to a wedding with semi-formal dress code will need to dress up a bit. To adjust to the theme, ladies can wear a cocktail dress with some necklaces and bracelets to support the look. High heels are also a must when you wear a cocktail dress. Don’t forget the makeup to make them look bolder. For this theme, the man can wear a suit and a tie to make it more formal. Other than suits, a sport coat will also be ok for the theme.

 3. White Tie

The common dress code for attending a wedding is a white tie. When you hear this, then it is a more formal occasion such as the Oscar. For the men, they can wear a long black jacket with tails and complete is with a white vest. To formal the look, wear a black bow tie, with black shoes. Just add some white gloves to make it more appropriate. As for the ladies, a long ball gown with makeup and dramatic jewelry is the theme in this dress code.

 4. Black Tie

Almost the same with white tie, this is also a formal occasion, however, this usually means it is an evening event. Therefore, men should wear a tuxedo with black ties for the event. For evening events ladies should wear long gowns, however ensure it with the host. Usually, they would like to look different, therefore they suggest the guests wear short dresses.

 5. Beach Party

Don’t wear the wrong costume if the theme is a beach party. Choose a simple but still good-looking cloth to wear. Boys can wear a linen shirt with short pants and a sandal for the party. As for girls, wear a knee-length dress with sandals too fit the theme. Put natural makeup and put your hair up to wash the heat off.

These are some of the dress code for attending a wedding that anyone can try. So, dress codes are not always bad, in fact it can help you choose what to wear. Just remember to understand a dress code when you get one. Wearing the wrong dress code into a wedding can be embarrassing.  

6 Best Winter Jacket Brand For Women

In winter make sure you bring along and warm stock of clothes in large quantities. If you travel backpacker style, it is better to only bring one thick jacket. Moreover, you must pair with accessories in the form of shoes, scarves, and hats that are stylish and fashionable. So those clothes are not monotonous. Here is the best winter jacket brand.

1. Mango – Faux Shearling Jacket

Mango is known as an international best winter jacket brand. It also always presents classy and fashionable clothes. One jacket designed for winter is a leather jacket, namely Mango Faux Shearling Jacket.

Made of high-quality imitation leather and regular fit. You can still look fashionable and up to date even in a jacket. The material is not too bulky and easy to carry anywhere. It’s also can combine with jeans and boots as OOTD when traveling. You can buy it for IDR 1,199,000.

2. AKO JEANS Pink Jacket

Many people do not like to wear a jacket because it seems complicated and not fashionable. To work around this, choose a fashionable jacket with a contemporary style. And also attractive colors. One of our recommendations is Ako Jeans Jacket.

Made from waterproof parachute material, you can use it when walking around in uncertain weather. This jacket also can be used to protect the body if it rains at any time. The waterproof material will ward off the water so that the body stays dry. Available in pink you can buy it for IDR 423,200.

3. Cardinal – Girl Cotton Jacket

Parka jacket is a type of jacket that is popular today. Parka jacket consists of many pockets and made of cool material on the skin. If you’re looking for a parka type jacket, you can buy Cardinal – Girl Cotton Jackets.

Made from cotton and light to carry anywhere. You can also use it to just walk casually and in cold weather. With double fastening, the body will be safe from the wind and always warm. Available in maroon and get Rp. 349,930.

4. OVS – Embroidered Jacket

To make the look even more okay, complete your holiday attire with a fashionable jacket. The jacket does not have to be a solid color and it is quiet decoration. To look different, you can also wear a jacket with decorative motifs that you like.

This jacket is suitable for you who like to look different. It’s also decorated with patches in the form of embroidery with various motifs and writings. OVS Jacket – Embroided Jacket also available in army green and cotton which is soft on the skin. You can buy it for Rp. 869,000.

5. Berrybenka Label – Knitted Checkered Cardigan Mocca Black

To complete the appearance, you can use a jacket as outer clothing. When the weather isn’t too cold and you want to wear a jacket, just wear a jacket that isn’t too thick to match your outfit that day.

As an option, you can buy Berrybenka Label – Knitted Checkered Cardigan. Made of knit fabric with classic checkered patterns. The combination of mocha and black colors can be combined with various colors of clothing that are worn. You can buy it for Rp 224,000.

6. MKY Clothing – Golden Hoody Parka Jacket in Dusty

Parka jacket is the most appropriate choice to still look fashionable even if wrapped in a jacket. One of our parka jacket recommendations is MKY Clothing – Golden Hoody Parka Jacket. Available in dusty pink. Drawstring at the waist can be adjusted to your body size. You can combine it with jeans and boots to keep warm in cold weather. You can buy it for Rp 431,900.

Before traveling abroad, make sure you know the weather forecast while you are there. Erratic temperatures and rapidly changing weather often do not match the clothes you have prepared. Also don’t forget to use the best winter jacket brand.