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Types of Dress Code for Attending A Wedding

Coming to friends or relatives wedding can be exciting and confusing at the same time. Exciting for their big day for them tying the knot. At the same time, confusing because they have a certain dress code for the wedding. These days, many weddings have determined the dress code for their guests. Usually, a dress code for attending a wedding is white, casual or other certain colors. At least with this rule, people can smaller their options of cloths.

Even though dress codes are already determined, some people still get confused about what to wear. Well, first try to understand the meaning of the dress code. If you don’t get it, it is best to ask the host. Dress code for attending a wedding is usually simple because this will help the host to pop out. Here are some examples of dress that you can wear if there is any dress code.

1. Casual Style

The most often dress code people have at their wedding is a casual style. This is simple and almost everyone has casual clothes. But because this is a wedding, level up your casual style a bit to make it more proper for a wedding. For ladies, you can wear a short summer dress with flat shoes. If the summer dress is plain, add some accessories to it. On the other hand, if it is a floral dress you won’t need many accessories. As for men, a polo shirt or a dress pant will be enough.

 2. Semi-Formal Dress

For those who are invited to a wedding with semi-formal dress code will need to dress up a bit. To adjust to the theme, ladies can wear a cocktail dress with some necklaces and bracelets to support the look. High heels are also a must when you wear a cocktail dress. Don’t forget the makeup to make them look bolder. For this theme, the man can wear a suit and a tie to make it more formal. Other than suits, a sport coat will also be ok for the theme.

 3. White Tie

The common dress code for attending a wedding is a white tie. When you hear this, then it is a more formal occasion such as the Oscar. For the men, they can wear a long black jacket with tails and complete is with a white vest. To formal the look, wear a black bow tie, with black shoes. Just add some white gloves to make it more appropriate. As for the ladies, a long ball gown with makeup and dramatic jewelry is the theme in this dress code.

 4. Black Tie

Almost the same with white tie, this is also a formal occasion, however, this usually means it is an evening event. Therefore, men should wear a tuxedo with black ties for the event. For evening events ladies should wear long gowns, however ensure it with the host. Usually, they would like to look different, therefore they suggest the guests wear short dresses.

 5. Beach Party

Don’t wear the wrong costume if the theme is a beach party. Choose a simple but still good-looking cloth to wear. Boys can wear a linen shirt with short pants and a sandal for the party. As for girls, wear a knee-length dress with sandals too fit the theme. Put natural makeup and put your hair up to wash the heat off.

These are some of the dress code for attending a wedding that anyone can try. So, dress codes are not always bad, in fact it can help you choose what to wear. Just remember to understand a dress code when you get one. Wearing the wrong dress code into a wedding can be embarrassing.  

The 5 Lists of The Worst Monetary Crisis Around The World You Need to Know

Almost every country has experienced a financial crisis. There are many reasons why a crisis can occur, such as inflation or the decline of the currency. However, from the crisis that has ever existed, there is the worst monetary crisis around the world.

The crisis is very severe and usually occurs for a long time. Moreover, the impact of the crisis can still be felt until now. Here is the worst monetary crisis around the world you need to know:

1.     The Panic of 1907

It happened because of the free fall of the Dow Stock market. The stock market fell more than 50% compared to the previous year. The trigger is over-expansion and poor market speculation. The stock market fell in March and reoccurred in October.

This led to a bankruptcy of the North American Bank. In February 1908 public confidence began to recover and in May. The Congress approved the Aldrich-Vreeland Act and formed the National Monetary Commission. This is done to reduce any market panic in the future.

2.     German Hyperinflation

Although German hyperinflation is not the worst in history, it has the most severe impact. In 1914, the exchange rate of the USD against German Mark was around 1 to 4. But in 1923, that number exploded to become 1USD equivalent to 1 trillion German Marks.

In the aftermath of World War I, “the winner” charged the reconstruction costs of the war with Germany. Its value reaches one-third of the German budget deficit. Finally, Germany has a new type of currency, Rentenmark, and Reichsmark in 1924. So, Germany can finally control inflation.

3.     The Great Depression

This phenomenon is the longest and most severe depression phenomenon in the history of the global economy. This crisis lasted between 1929 and the outbreak of World War II. The beginning of this crisis was the collapse of Wall Street.

This makes it the most devastating collapse in the history of the stock market. On October 29, 1929, USD10 billion disappeared. Before Black Tuesday, the Dow stock exchange made many people millionaires.

4.     Oil Crisis

The organization of the world’s oil-exporting countries makes oil as a weapon. OPEC carries out an oil embargo on those who support Israel. Crude oil costs increased while production was cut, especially for the US and the Netherlands.

The embargo only lasted for five months, but the effect continues to be felt until now. The New York Stock Market lost up to USD97 billion. That is why this is one of the worst monetary crisis around the world.

5.     Black Monday

No one knows for sure what caused Black Monday to take place on October 19, 1987. All of a sudden billions of USD were lost from stock markets around the world. Hong Kong lost 45.8% of the total value of its shares. Furthermore, Britain lost 26.4% and Australia lost 41.8%.

The most severe, New Zealand dropped by 60%. Many have speculated that the trading program causes this. There was also a dispute over monetary policy and concerns about inflation.

Those are the worst monetary crisis around the world. There is still a crisis that you can still feel until now. However, from this incident, many countries learned many things so that similar incidents did not occur.

Getting Hair Problems? Here Are The Ways Shiny And Healthy Hair Home Remedies

Having shiny and healthy hair is something that every woman dream of. As well as skin hair is the important organs of women that they need to carry on. Moreover, if they can get it by conduct the hair home remedies. Therefore, some of them conduct shiny and healthy hair home remedies. So, are you interested in trying the hair home remedies at your home? Don’t worry and be happy, in this chance I will show you more about the ways to get shiny and healthy hair by hair home remedies.

1.Coconut Oil Remedy

If you wondering about shiny and healthy hair home remedies, people will wisely recommend you to use coconut oil as a treatment. Coconut oil has many good substances which are good to make your hair healthy and shiny. The step of coconut oil treatment uses coconut oil as the rinse when you wash your hair.

2. Rose Water Remedy

The second way about shiny and healthy hair home remedies is rose water remedy. You might use the rose water as same as the coconut oil. Rinse your hair by using rose water and get your shiny and healthy hair.

3. Avocado Hair Packs

The third way is by using avocado hair packs. We know together that avocado has many benefits for humans. Not only for the face but also, for our hair. The vitamin contains inside the avocado can make your hair becomes shiny and healthy. You can use it as a hair mask. Puree the avocado first, then applying on your hair.

4. Yogurt Hair Packs

If you don’t have avocado as your hair pack, you might use a yogurt hair pack. Same as avocado, yogurt has many vitamins that can make your hair healthy. Use yogurt as a hair mask and leave it for a moment. Then, you can rinse it as usual. Doing regular mask and rinse is good for hair. But don’t use it too often, because it can break your natural oil of the hair.

Doing such shiny and healthy hair home remedies are not complete if you still conduct the prohibition. Thus, what to avoid or forbidden to do in order to get a healthy hair complex?

What You Don’t And Should Avoid

The first is to avoid stress. Stress can make you broken from the inside. Therefore, it is useless to conduct any kind of remedy if it will break from inside by stress. Therefore, you must avoid stress and find something that makes you happy. The second is to don’t use the chemical products. If you want to have shiny and healthy hair, you can do is naturally without chemical products. The chemical product can be dangerous for your hair.

There are many kinds of remedies that you can conduct. The shiny and healthy hair home remedies above are just a simple example for you. Remember, you are not only doing a remedy for your hair, but you should carry your beautiful hair by avoid the bad things.

5 Factors You Need to Consider to Find Out How Much Does A Babysitter Cost

There are times when you need help to look after your child. Whether when you go to work, or when there are other urgent needs. However, before you decide to use the services of a babysitter, you must know how much does a babysitter cost.

The national average babysitter rate is USD 17 per hour for 1 child. However, the rate is certainly suitable for many other factors. Here are 5 factors you need to consider to find out how much does a babysitter cost:

1.     Certifications

The first factor you need to consider is whether your babysitter has a certificate or not. Surely this is important in determining the amount of salary she must receive. Because the certificate will explain the education she has taken.

The certificate that is usually taken by a babysitter is CPR and first-aid certified. If she has a certificate, then her ability has been recognized and she deserves a high salary. This will also ensure safety in looking after your child.

2.     Number of Children

The number of children determines the amount of salary she will receive. It is because the more children she takes care of, the more work she must do. Especially if these children have different age variations. This is because of the different age of the child, also different parenting patterns.

In general, for each additional child, you can add USD 1 or USD 2. You can give the additional amount if you use a base rate of USD 13 per child in one hour. Therefore, if a babysitter takes care of 2 children, you can pay USD 14 per hour.

3.     Special Occasions

If you are still wondering how much does a babysitter cost, you can consider the special occasions. Special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or New Year will affect the amount of salary that the babysitter will receive. This is because at that time many people needed his services.

So, do not be surprised if the special occasions rate will be higher than usual days. Therefore, you also have to prepare the costs that you have to spend.

4.     Additional Responsibilities

Usually, babysitters will do basic work. For example, look after your child, invite him to play, bathe, and feed your child. However, if you want her to work more than that, you must provide an additional salary.

For example, if you want a babysitter to pick up your child at school, do homework such as cleaning the house or cooking. So you have to pay for the additional services you want. Do not let her get a salary that is not commensurate with the work she does.

5.     Travel and Expenses

The salary of a babysitter in big cities certainly requires a large salary. For example, salaries in Manhattan and San Francisco will be higher than in other small states. However, besides this location, you also have to consider how long they will work.

If you are in an area far from the city or in the countryside, the salaries are cheaper. However, you need to consider the length of the trip to go to your home. So, you have to add an additional salary for travel and expenses.

Those are 5 factors that you need to consider to find out how much does a babysitter cost. You have to provide a decent salary for what he does. However, make sure you get the best babysitter that will help you take care of your child.

Top 5 What To Visit In Prague That Will Excite Your Vacation

If you tour around Europe, you should not miss visiting Prague. This is because the city is very historic and has the feel of a romantic and pleasant old city. You do not need to be clueless about what to visit in Prague because there are a lot of beautiful tourist attractions here.

Prague is one of the beautiful cities in Europe because it has a lot of interesting old buildings. Furthermore, the atmosphere of this city is very romantic and pleasant so you will feel at home visiting this city. If you are still wondering what to visit in Prague, let’s check the list below:

1.     Astronomical Clock

This clock located in Old Town Square has many versions of stories about its origin. One of them is that a watchmaker named Master Hanus made this watch. After the clock was finished, the Prague city council deliberately blinded him.

The aim was that Hanus could no longer make the same hours for other cities in Europe. Therefore, the watch he made in 1410 was only in Prague. Apart from the truth of the legend, this clock is indeed very beautiful.

2.     Charles Bridge

The bridge over the Vltava River connects the Old Town Prague area with Prague Castle. The most popular bridge in Prague began to be built in 1357 under the reign of King Charles IV. In addition, it was completed in the early 15th century.

This bridge has a length of 516 meters. You will find many souvenir sellers, face painters, to street musicians. This is one of the tourist attractions that will add to the excitement of your trip to Prague.

3.     Prague Castle

The castle, which was built since the 9th century, is not merely a tourist center. The office of the President of the Czech Republic uses one of the parts of the castle. Therefore, State Rooms are only open to the public at certain times.

However, you won’t run out of places to visit because there are many other castle areas that are also interesting. The price of admission here varies, depending on age and which part of the castle entered. The price range is between CZK 70 – CZK 350.

4.     Wenceslas Square

This place is one of the old public spaces in Prague. At the top end of this square, you will find the National Museum. This vintage building will enhance your photos when you walk here.

Try to come at night, if you are lucky, you will find street musicians who entertain your night. Moreover, you can invite your partner when you are here because the atmosphere is very romantic.

5.     Havel’s Market

If you go here you will be incomplete without a shopping tour. You can visit one of the oldest markets in Prague. This market sells fruit, vegetables, flowers, toys, handicrafts, to souvenirs.

So, if you want to bring souvenirs for your friends or family, this place is perfect for you. If you walk from Wenceslas Square towards Old Town Square, you will pass this market.

Here are the lists of what to visit in Prague. Many other interesting places for you to visit while you are here. Each of these tourist destinations will surely provide a unique and interesting experience for your vacation.

5 Adventure Free Game That You Should Know

An adventure game is one of the favorite games of many people. Including you and me, an adventure game is categorized as the game that we want to play every day. The game concept, the subject, and also the obstacle in the game are interested. Therefore many of us like to play this game. Unfortunately, there are some adventure games that are not free to play. We need to pay first in order to buy the game before playing. But, there is also adventure free game that exists among people. Then, what are they? Check this out.

1. Batman: The Enemy Within

The first adventure free game that you should know is batman. We all know that Batman is a superhero. He is a Bat-man who has power and special car. In the batman game, you will act as a batman. You will make a decision about the story of batman. The adventure depends on the story that you made. There many interesting distractions and duties that you must fulfill.

2. Ray-man Adventures

Did you ever play play-station 1? If you ever play PS1 you must already know about Ray-man. Now, this character comes to your mobile phone. The Ray-man adventure is about rescuer mission. Therefore, you need to help ray-man to save his friends. Then, the distraction of this game will make it more challenging. You can easily control everything and save more.

3. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

This game is the mobile version of Assassin’s creed: black flag of the PC game. Even this game is not a PS game it has a fun mission that you need to fulfill. You will also control a pirates ship and find the treasure. But, is not as easy as you think, you must fight and pass the distraction before getting the treasure.

4. Dead Effect 2

The nest adventure free game is dead effect 2. The dead effect game is an adventure game which has a scientific theme. In this game, you should kill the monster all of the characters in this game are able to become stronger by upgrading their level. The monster is not easy to fight. Therefore, you need more time to play this game in order to fight with the monster and become a winner.

5. Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) Series

The last adventure game that you should know also is rusty lake series. This game is about a mystery game. You need to solve the puzzle and find the result of the mystery. It is like finding what going on or what is happening in this game. This game is a simple game but have an interesting concept. Therefore,you may not upgrade your level before solving the puzzle.

The adventure free game is an interesting game. When you have bad moments or bored day, you can shine your day and refresh your mind by playing one of the previous games. Then, all the previous game is an interesting game. All of them also has unique concept and mission. Therefore, the obstacle or the distraction inside the game will build your adrenalin and your curiousness to be a winner of those games.

6 Best Winter Jacket Brand For Women

In winter make sure you bring along and warm stock of clothes in large quantities. If you travel backpacker style, it is better to only bring one thick jacket. Moreover, you must pair with accessories in the form of shoes, scarves, and hats that are stylish and fashionable. So those clothes are not monotonous. Here is the best winter jacket brand.

1. Mango – Faux Shearling Jacket

Mango is known as an international best winter jacket brand. It also always presents classy and fashionable clothes. One jacket designed for winter is a leather jacket, namely Mango Faux Shearling Jacket.

Made of high-quality imitation leather and regular fit. You can still look fashionable and up to date even in a jacket. The material is not too bulky and easy to carry anywhere. It’s also can combine with jeans and boots as OOTD when traveling. You can buy it for IDR 1,199,000.

2. AKO JEANS Pink Jacket

Many people do not like to wear a jacket because it seems complicated and not fashionable. To work around this, choose a fashionable jacket with a contemporary style. And also attractive colors. One of our recommendations is Ako Jeans Jacket.

Made from waterproof parachute material, you can use it when walking around in uncertain weather. This jacket also can be used to protect the body if it rains at any time. The waterproof material will ward off the water so that the body stays dry. Available in pink you can buy it for IDR 423,200.

3. Cardinal – Girl Cotton Jacket

Parka jacket is a type of jacket that is popular today. Parka jacket consists of many pockets and made of cool material on the skin. If you’re looking for a parka type jacket, you can buy Cardinal – Girl Cotton Jackets.

Made from cotton and light to carry anywhere. You can also use it to just walk casually and in cold weather. With double fastening, the body will be safe from the wind and always warm. Available in maroon and get Rp. 349,930.

4. OVS – Embroidered Jacket

To make the look even more okay, complete your holiday attire with a fashionable jacket. The jacket does not have to be a solid color and it is quiet decoration. To look different, you can also wear a jacket with decorative motifs that you like.

This jacket is suitable for you who like to look different. It’s also decorated with patches in the form of embroidery with various motifs and writings. OVS Jacket – Embroided Jacket also available in army green and cotton which is soft on the skin. You can buy it for Rp. 869,000.

5. Berrybenka Label – Knitted Checkered Cardigan Mocca Black

To complete the appearance, you can use a jacket as outer clothing. When the weather isn’t too cold and you want to wear a jacket, just wear a jacket that isn’t too thick to match your outfit that day.

As an option, you can buy Berrybenka Label – Knitted Checkered Cardigan. Made of knit fabric with classic checkered patterns. The combination of mocha and black colors can be combined with various colors of clothing that are worn. You can buy it for Rp 224,000.

6. MKY Clothing – Golden Hoody Parka Jacket in Dusty

Parka jacket is the most appropriate choice to still look fashionable even if wrapped in a jacket. One of our parka jacket recommendations is MKY Clothing – Golden Hoody Parka Jacket. Available in dusty pink. Drawstring at the waist can be adjusted to your body size. You can combine it with jeans and boots to keep warm in cold weather. You can buy it for Rp 431,900.

Before traveling abroad, make sure you know the weather forecast while you are there. Erratic temperatures and rapidly changing weather often do not match the clothes you have prepared. Also don’t forget to use the best winter jacket brand.

4 Recommendations of Good Online Shopping Sites to Visit

4 Recommendations of Good Online Shopping Sites to Visit

What are good online shopping sites? Technology just helps you a lot in doing your daily activities. Well, shopping is one of them. For so many shopping sites and e-commerce out there, your shopping activity can just be easier. Starting from choosing to pay can be done only by tapping your gadget’s screen. But you must be careful also since not all shopping sites are good and trusted. Below, there are the best recommendations for online sites to choose from. Check them out.


Who doesn’t know this online site? Yes, Amazon is even named as the best and always at the top of the rank in the category of the internet shopping site. Almost all products are available here starting from vehicles, electronic devices, kids’ toys to foods and daily needs. There are many stores that join Amazon so that the prices for a product can be various. Make sure to choose one that gives you the best price and service. Then, only a few days later after the payment, the product is sent or even arrived at your home.


Craiglist is something like a department store in which the branches have been spreading all around the world. Yes, wherever you are, you may simply find out this store; the US, Canada, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. To meet the customers’ needs more, this store also provides a site. Sure, you can just buy almost anything here. Enjoy many promotions like discounts and free shipping also.


Etsy was launched in 2005 and the site is focused on souvenirs and handicrafts. Yes, the main goal of this site establishment is to accommodate artists, craftsmen, and other creative people to meet their customers. Sure, this idea is just good since many people have the same chance to work and then sell their handmade products. Until now, Etsy becomes the first choice to buy handicrafts and gifts. Even vintage products can be more easily to find here.


If Etsy is all about artworks and handicrafts, HomeDepot is to meet your needs in buying home appliances. Originally, the store is an offline store that has been opened for many years starting from 1979. Then, in 2000, its official website was launched and then it is continuously improved. Now, HomeDepot is the biggest e-commerce and shopping store to buy your home wares. The services are satisfying as well as the prices are indeed more affordable than in other places.

4 Easy Tips for Amazing Online Shopping

4 Easy Tips for Amazing Online Shopping

Amazing online shopping means buying something in an online shop or e-commerce amazingly; there are no further problems following behind. Yes, the development of technology currently tends to ease you in doing almost anything. Purchasing things is also getting easier only by using your Smartphone. Only with several taps, you can just pay it and the product is sent to your house immediately. But sure, so that your online shopping activities can be really amazing, here are some tips you should follow.

Go to a Trusted and Reliable Website

Since you basically cannot directly see the products to buy as well as the seller, possibilities of action like a fraud are getting bigger. Therefore, make sure to go to a trusted and reliable website. If it is possible, e-commerce is basically the best choice. It is because your money is not directly sent to the seller but kept in its digital wallet. In case the product is not coming to your house, you can just cancel it and get your money back.

Learn about the Online Shop’s Details

You must look for information about the seller or shop owner. Is it a company or owned personally? Make sure also to look for and learn about details like phone number, email, Whatsapp number, and more. This way, communicating can just be easier. If the information seems to be limited, it is much better to avoid buying the product there.

Read the Shop’s Terms and Conditions

A trusted online shop or e-commerce must have its terms and conditions. The problem is, most of the visitors may be too lazy to read all of them. If there are some points that are disadvantageous for you, you can just make a complaint or ask for further information. Sure, if you think the terms and conditions are too weird, it is better to leave the site. Then, look for other places to buy products you are looking for.

Read Customers’ Reviews

Nowadays, even customers’ reviews don’t guarantee that an online shop is really trusted or not. Well, it is because people’s perspective that is different from one to another for sure. Besides, it is also possible for the site to pay someone just to read positive reviews about it. But of course, reading reviews is still important to know the general description of the site. From many testimonials written, there must still be many of them that are accurate and honest.

Buy Online Websites: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Buy Online Websites: Tips for Safe Online Shopping

Buy online websites has become a trend nowadays. We have also made an article about the pros and cons of online shopping. In this article, we will show you the tips for safe online shopping. Why should we be careful when online shopping?

Fraud and scams are not a rare case when it comes to online shopping. Other than related to the shopping activity when you buy online websites, you should be aware of virus attacks in the first place. So, here are the basic guidelines for safe online shopping.

Shop on familiar websites

It is important to always shop on familiar yet trusted websites. Do not easily fall for cheap prices while the websites are not reliable or even trusted. Meanwhile, if you shop on a familiar website, the chance to get a rip-off is much lower.

If the website is some kind of a market place, make sure you choose a reliable store in it. The thumb rule is to not fall for cheap prices if the sites are not reliable.

Check the lock

It is important to make sure that the site has SSL certification. If it does not, you better not purchase any item by using your credit card. When the website has SSL, you will see HTTPS in the first part of the URL instead of the HTTP. Other than that, a locked padlock icon will show up at the left URL.

Today, Google has flags pages with no extra S and will mark it as “not secure” page. It makes the HTTPS sites stand out more.

Avoid overshare

Online shopping retailers will never ask for your Social Security number because it is not necessary. It also has something to do with your birthday when you will build a business. However, you can give them the information as long as it does not ask your credit card number in the end.

Identity theft is not a rare case nowadays. You should be aware of this because your personal data could go wrong when the wrong hands manage it.

Privatize your wi-fi

If you use a public hotspot for online shopping, you better make sure if you are familiar with the hotspot. For example, the free wi-fi at Starbucks or Barnes & Noble bookshops is generally trusted. However, you may opt for using a virtual private network for additional safety. So, this is anything you need to know before you buy online websites.