5 Factors You Need to Consider to Find Out How Much Does A Babysitter Cost

There are times when you need help to look after your child. Whether when you go to work, or when there are other urgent needs. However, before you decide to use the services of a babysitter, you must know how much does a babysitter cost.

The national average babysitter rate is USD 17 per hour for 1 child. However, the rate is certainly suitable for many other factors. Here are 5 factors you need to consider to find out how much does a babysitter cost:

1.     Certifications

The first factor you need to consider is whether your babysitter has a certificate or not. Surely this is important in determining the amount of salary she must receive. Because the certificate will explain the education she has taken.

The certificate that is usually taken by a babysitter is CPR and first-aid certified. If she has a certificate, then her ability has been recognized and she deserves a high salary. This will also ensure safety in looking after your child.

2.     Number of Children

The number of children determines the amount of salary she will receive. It is because the more children she takes care of, the more work she must do. Especially if these children have different age variations. This is because of the different age of the child, also different parenting patterns.

In general, for each additional child, you can add USD 1 or USD 2. You can give the additional amount if you use a base rate of USD 13 per child in one hour. Therefore, if a babysitter takes care of 2 children, you can pay USD 14 per hour.

3.     Special Occasions

If you are still wondering how much does a babysitter cost, you can consider the special occasions. Special occasions such as Valentine’s Day or New Year will affect the amount of salary that the babysitter will receive. This is because at that time many people needed his services.

So, do not be surprised if the special occasions rate will be higher than usual days. Therefore, you also have to prepare the costs that you have to spend.

4.     Additional Responsibilities

Usually, babysitters will do basic work. For example, look after your child, invite him to play, bathe, and feed your child. However, if you want her to work more than that, you must provide an additional salary.

For example, if you want a babysitter to pick up your child at school, do homework such as cleaning the house or cooking. So you have to pay for the additional services you want. Do not let her get a salary that is not commensurate with the work she does.

5.     Travel and Expenses

The salary of a babysitter in big cities certainly requires a large salary. For example, salaries in Manhattan and San Francisco will be higher than in other small states. However, besides this location, you also have to consider how long they will work.

If you are in an area far from the city or in the countryside, the salaries are cheaper. However, you need to consider the length of the trip to go to your home. So, you have to add an additional salary for travel and expenses.

Those are 5 factors that you need to consider to find out how much does a babysitter cost. You have to provide a decent salary for what he does. However, make sure you get the best babysitter that will help you take care of your child.