5 Adventure Free Game That You Should Know

An adventure game is one of the favorite games of many people. Including you and me, an adventure game is categorized as the game that we want to play every day. The game concept, the subject, and also the obstacle in the game are interested. Therefore many of us like to play this game. Unfortunately, there are some adventure games that are not free to play. We need to pay first in order to buy the game before playing. But, there is also adventure free game that exists among people. Then, what are they? Check this out.

1. Batman: The Enemy Within

The first adventure free game that you should know is batman. We all know that Batman is a superhero. He is a Bat-man who has power and special car. In the batman game, you will act as a batman. You will make a decision about the story of batman. The adventure depends on the story that you made. There many interesting distractions and duties that you must fulfill.

2. Ray-man Adventures

Did you ever play play-station 1? If you ever play PS1 you must already know about Ray-man. Now, this character comes to your mobile phone. The Ray-man adventure is about rescuer mission. Therefore, you need to help ray-man to save his friends. Then, the distraction of this game will make it more challenging. You can easily control everything and save more.

3. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

This game is the mobile version of Assassin’s creed: black flag of the PC game. Even this game is not a PS game it has a fun mission that you need to fulfill. You will also control a pirates ship and find the treasure. But, is not as easy as you think, you must fight and pass the distraction before getting the treasure.

4. Dead Effect 2

The nest adventure free game is dead effect 2. The dead effect game is an adventure game which has a scientific theme. In this game, you should kill the monster all of the characters in this game are able to become stronger by upgrading their level. The monster is not easy to fight. Therefore, you need more time to play this game in order to fight with the monster and become a winner.

5. Rusty Lake (Cube Escape) Series

The last adventure game that you should know also is rusty lake series. This game is about a mystery game. You need to solve the puzzle and find the result of the mystery. It is like finding what going on or what is happening in this game. This game is a simple game but have an interesting concept. Therefore,you may not upgrade your level before solving the puzzle.

The adventure free game is an interesting game. When you have bad moments or bored day, you can shine your day and refresh your mind by playing one of the previous games. Then, all the previous game is an interesting game. All of them also has unique concept and mission. Therefore, the obstacle or the distraction inside the game will build your adrenalin and your curiousness to be a winner of those games.